Bottom & Wreck Fishing From Belmar

Bottom fishing ranges through multiple species; from Ling, Flounder, Cod, Seabass, Porgies, and Blackfish. 
-Ling we fish for from spring to fall with the occasional Cod, Jumbo winter flounder, and lobsters mixed in. We fish anywhere from 10-20 miles anchored on wrecks using clam and occasionally Gulp! to help entice them. 
-Cod we run trips in the winter, spring, and summer, fishing anywhere from 20 to 80 miles offshore on wrecks where we do get a few Pollock mixed in. We use clam and jigs and primarily anchor, but occasionally we will drift when we don't have much wind
-Seabass we fish all year when the season is open. In the spring and summer we usually fish within 10 miles, using clams and Gulp! as bait. We generally anchor up but will often drift across some larger pieces. Once the fall and winter come we start our offshore trips for the jumbo sea bass going anywhere from 30-80 miles.
-Porgies are the summer and early fall fish. We fish local and very shallow. These fish are very fun to catch with extremely light tackle and fight very well. Once the winter comes we will head offshore to catch the jumbo hubcap porgies along with the jumbo sea bass, 30-80 miles offshore.
-Blackfish are probably one of the hardest but most fun fish to catch. We fish for them in the spring in shallow waters using crabs and clams as bait. In the last few years jigging blackfish has become extremely popular and has been extremely successful. We will then resume fishing for them in the fall and all through the winter using solely crabs. And the Jumbos can be caught at any time, no matter spring or winter.

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