These are our current weekend openings for blackfish come November 16th. Price is $150/person + tip except for Thanksgiving. We have weekdays available for charter as well so be sure to call and book as dates are booking up.


Sun 11/17 - 2 spots

**Thurs 11/28 - 6 spots ($120/person + tip special Thanksgiving trip)

Sun 12/1 - 4 spots

Sat 12/7 - 3 spots

Sun 12/8 - 5 spots

Sun 12/15 - 5 spots

Sun 12/22 - 5 spots

Sat 12/28 - 3 spots

Sun 12/29 - 5 spots

Tues 12/31 - 5 spots

seabass/striped bass reports

Had some bad weather that delayed our start to seabass. Once we did get started it was up and down for us and most everybody. We had limits on some trips and most trips we had a lot of shorts to go through. We also made a trip offshore with a group for some seabass and large porgies. This past weekend we tried for bass and after days of non stop action they decided to not cooperate so we went blackfishing which was a little off but still managed. We are gearing up for our blackfish season so be sure to call to book your dates.

Opening day/month seabass

Open seabass tues 10/8:

We have 6 spots for opening day seabass, as well as some weekends available and weekdays available for charter. We are also booking up for blackfish that opens in November. SR will be away for a week so you can give jr a call to book your trip.

SR: 7328415041
Jr: 7323229786


Tues 10/8 - 6 spots

Sat 10/12 - 2 spots

Sun 10/13 - 6 spots

Mon 10/14 - 4 spots

Sat 10/19 - 6 spots

Sun 10/20 - 6 spots

Sat 10/26 - 6 spots

Sun 10/27 - 6 spots

recent porgy/blackfish & ling trips

Porgy fishing has been excellent up until this past week with some bad weather that shut them down for a while. still catching a lot of nice sized blackfish with them. ling fishing offshore of pt pleasant has been as good as always with some flounder mixed in. ended the fluke season a little early due to the poor fishing and didnt want to waste anyones time.

Went out for porgies and black fish today. Porgies were not too kind to us today we stuck out, only managing a couple of shorts. We decide to try for blackfish. We wound up getting 8 keeper blackfish.
I want to thank the guys for toughing it out today!


Sunday ling report:

Today we had our mike and a couple of his friends for a birthday trip. Had some not so favorable conditions to start and couldn’t sit right but things soon straightened out and the guys went to work boxing up 200 ling and a couple flounder.



9/15 porgy/tog

Today we went looking for some porgy and tog. It took us sometime in the morning to find the porgies that wanted to bite. We were able to pick away at blackfish and porgies. We ended up with our boat limit of tog (8) and 201 porgies.



Open Porgy/Blackfish sat 9/21:


We have 5 spots available this Saturday for porgy and blackfish. Weather looks perfect and fishing has been amazing and did very good last weekend with them. Chartered Sunday $130/person + tip



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