8/3 & 8/4 fluking report

fluking has still been improving. definitely going in the right direction. we have a couple more sundays open this month otherwise saturdays are booked. we are also available during the week for charter.


Saturday fluke:

Today we had out Andrew, Pete , George, sharky, Kevin and Dan. Definitely another tough grind for us today but the guys didn’t give up. Did a lot of moving around picking keepers here and there. The guys stuck it out and we were able to get our boat limit along with some ling and a seabass. 


Sunday fluke:

Had Andy Beatrice Ben Derek Steve and Brad. Another tough day had really work for what We got. ended the day with 16 keepers up to 7 lbs Brad had a double limit to 7lbs Young Ben having 4 keepers and Beatrice had her limit and lost a couple heartbreakers as well.

Open boat fluke 8/3 & 8/4

Fluke openings

We have openings for fluke this weekend as well as the rest of the month and weekdays available for charter. $130/person+ tip. 7328415041

Sat 8/3 - 2 spots
Sun 8/4 - 4 spots

Weekend fluke report/ 2nd place elks tournament

Sun 7/28:

Sunday fluke:

Had suk, Dominick, John and joe out today. Definitely breezing in the morning with a quick drift. Worked a few areas and had decent life, just a lot of fish that wouldn’t commit. Drift finally started to slow down some and fishing picked up a bit. Poked around some more until the south wind came cranking and that just shut everything down. Didn’t come easy but we were able to box up 12k a seabass and a ling with suk getting his limit. Oh and Capt even added a lost pole to the catch as well

We have openings for fluke next weekend and weekdays available for charter 7328415041

Sat 8/3 - 4 spots
Sun 8/4 - 6 spots




Pt. Pleasant Elks Fluke Tournament 2nd Place:

Had our normal host out for one of the two tournaments this year. Dave, Keith, Larry , Steve, Glenn, and George. Fishing started out pretty good for us with decent action all around. Did some moving around today looking for that right one and ended the day with Dave getting the second place fish at 8lb 2oz and another fish at 6.5. Capt Ron also had one that came in at 6.7.

Ended the day with 19k fluke a few seabass Bonita and a ling. Great day today with lots of laughs and ball busting. Came up 4 ounces short in this one but hopefully we’ll get them in the next one.





open fluke Sunday 7/28

Open fluke 7/28 SUNDAY


We still have 5 spots open for this Sunday for fluke $130/person + tip and weekdays available for charter. 7328415041

fishing last weekend did improve some with a lot more action and hopefully it continues that way

Open fluke sat 7/13

Saturday fluke 7/13:

We have 6 spots for fluke this Saturday $130/person + tip call for a spot 7328415041

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