8/3 & 8/4 fluking report

fluking has still been improving. definitely going in the right direction. we have a couple more sundays open this month otherwise saturdays are booked. we are also available during the week for charter.


Saturday fluke:

Today we had out Andrew, Pete , George, sharky, Kevin and Dan. Definitely another tough grind for us today but the guys didn’t give up. Did a lot of moving around picking keepers here and there. The guys stuck it out and we were able to get our boat limit along with some ling and a seabass. 


Sunday fluke:

Had Andy Beatrice Ben Derek Steve and Brad. Another tough day had really work for what We got. ended the day with 16 keepers up to 7 lbs Brad had a double limit to 7lbs Young Ben having 4 keepers and Beatrice had her limit and lost a couple heartbreakers as well.

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